About Us

Enormis means irregular, ill-fitting, out of rule, shapeless as well as means immense and broad in Latin.

For Enormis Press that founded in times of crisis with the motto of “Distinctive Books” main differentiation between books is that being good or bad or giving joy or grief. While it is a good idea to publish these books in definite series it will probably emerge a hesitation as to placing them within academic disciplines. Although it is necessary to be categorized on some shelves in bookstores and virtual libraries, each book should receive attention like an individual in a way that leaves no doubt. That is to say, each book has a genre and class, as well as it has an author, name, temperament, a  cover common to it, and also specific formats such as length or brevity. But in all conditions, the essential feature that gathers them is that they are good books. Discourses on philosophy, biology, literature, art, sociology, politics, history, or psychology may seem more secondary to such a criterion. It is not very important in which language the text to be published is written. Whether a good and thinking book is translated or copyrighted can be also understood as a secondary distinction. While what is desired is that such a good book will sell well, that desire will also be a secondary one. Although it is important for the publisher to be self-sufficient, it can be easily said that it is difficult to satisfy the commercial and intellectual concerns simultaneously. Because it is obvious that two concepts such as trade and thought do not get along well with each other.

Another common traits of the texts that will be of interest to Enormis is that they are thinking texts. Probably, in our saddlebag, there will be texts that are neither in academic and scientific narrow mindedness nor transformed into exposures of loose and interlocking feelings. What we are against here is not academia or science itself, but academic or scientific texts constrained by narrow-minded minds. Of course, academic texts can also be taken into consideration. However, the lack of thought in texts, which arise especially depending on a certain higher education curriculum, is noticeable even in the first lines without the need to advance too much in the text.

Those who pay attention to Enormis can be expected to take a break from some thinking habits. This state of pause may require an abundant encountering, dialectical ground for being in a body and mind that always directed to the different and the other and looks at a different place and time and for staying away from  ascetic academic or sentimental texts.

If things go well, Enormis seems to will make several contacts. To scrutinize the texts that looking before and after of any phenomenon as well as leading names and texts that address themes that it find noteworthy, and beyond all of that, to focus on the thought itself without getting stuck in scientific classifications, can be considered as a clue for such contacts. During contacts, it seems necessary to resist a culture of speed that publish the books before they even find their time. Instead of merely finding new and interesting titles, one should persistently try to reconceive and narrate existing ones as well – by following a thought that will simplify and classify the crowd of information rather than increasing the stacks of information.

Even if we more or less guess which texts we will encounter when we set out with this realm of mind, there is uncertainty of different contacts that could result in productive encounters. Certainly there will be translations and quite limited copyrighted works as well. We hope to publish thin but voluminous books dealing with many themes we have determined within the scope we mentioned. Simple, descriptive, environmentally friendly, critical, reflective, and differential books of the kind that appeal to today’s readers who are immediately distracted.

As the essential path of Enormis; learning to think can be regarded as a main necessity  in order to move towards “deeper, farther, more aside.” In these books, which do not directly serve personal development or entertainment, it is important to meet writers and readers who know how to stand back, stand behind and look at themselves, who are calm, who do not make the earth and other creatures as material for their own development.